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Humane Mouse Traps


Humane Mouse Traps

Top 5 Humane Mouse Traps

Mouse Glue Traps 1. Glue trap w/ vegetable oil to dissolve glue While this is not traditionally considered a humane mouse trap, it can easily be used without causing any harm to the mouse and allowing you to release the mouse when you're ready. I have personally used this method many times. Simply lay out the glue traps and check them often. When you find a mouse on the trap, use gloves and take the trap where you want to release the mouse and pour a small amount of vegetable oil onto the mouse's feet. This will instantly dissolve the glue and release the mouse. Glue traps only cost about $2 for a pack of 4 and can easily be made into a humane mouse trap.

2. Smart Mouse Trap This humane moustrap is clear and shaped like a small house, offering you a way to view inside the container without opening it to see if it has captured a mouse. There is no poison or glue in this trap and it is endorsed by Humane Societies as well as the Animal Rights Organization. When a mouse enters the Smart Mouse Trap to retrieve bait inside the door will snap shut, allowing the mouse to stay inside the house eating the bait before you arrive to release him. The best part about this trap is it allows the mouse to stay inside the trap enjoying a treat, such as the recommended saltine cracker, stress-free. The bait also blocks the door, delaying the mouse's release when you open the door so the risk of contact with the mouse is minimalized. The Smart Mouse Trap is available at for $13.78.

3. Kness Tip-Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap This humane mouse trap is made of polypropylene, resisting both stains and smells. All you need to do is add some peanut butter to the inside of the trap and place it against a wall. When the mouse enters the trap door it will close behind it. Make sure you check the trap often for mice and release them into a wooded area. These traps are both humane and reusable. For $2.50 you get 6 traps at

4. Havahart 1020 Two Door Cage Trap for Mice and Rats This humane mouse trap has two spring-loaded doors and is capable of catching mice, rats, and chipmunks. The trap is made of wire mesh with steel reinforcements and the two doors allow mice to enter from either side. The inside of the trap is smooth to prevent injury to the mouse after capture. For only $14 at this humane mouse trap is worth a try.

5. The Mouse Depot The Mouse Depot is a clean and humane mouse trap that offers a great alternative to killing mice in brutal spring traps or using poison in your own household. This trap is available at

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